These fees are purely indicative.  Every treatment has its own challenges and as we aim to provide a bespoke service, fees may change accordingly.  You will be provided with an itemised treatment plan with detailed costings prior to the commencement of any treatment.

Please see a list of common items below.

Examination Fees 

New Patient Exam


Existing Patient Exam


Hygiene Appointment Fees

Prevention & Maintenance 


Extended session for pts high risk of gum disease 


Periodontal (gum) therapy to treat active gum disease   


Diamond Polish stain removal additional charge   


Natural Tooth Coloured Filling Fees

Exposed Root surface covering from


Small from 


Medium from 


Large from 


Broken front teeth from 


Root Canal Treatment Fees

Incisor from


Premolar from


Molar from


*does not include the cost of the composite if not having a crown

Dentures Acrylic Fees

Partial dentures from


Complete denture from 


Crown Fees

Porcelain fused to Metal from


Metal free (zirconia/emax) from


Full Gold Crown from 

Invisalign Fees

Introductory Consultation, 3D Smile Simulation Scan


Invisalign Simple

from £3000

Invisalign Moderate

from £3500

Invisalign Complex

from £4000



Essix Retainers 

£110 each

Tooth Whitening Fees

Boutique Whitening


Enlighten Whitening


Mouth Guard Fees

Anti Grinding/Bruxism Splint


Tooth Extraction Fees

Extractions from


Ear Care Clinic Fees 

Consultation fee (no wax)


Ear Microsuction for one ear


Ear Microsuction for both ears


Hearing test


NHS Fees

Band 1


Band 2


Band 3



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